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Wars in Ethiopia though time

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Axumite Campaign against Meroe (c. 350)
Axumite Expedition into Yemen (517)
Axumite Expedition into Yemen (523-524)
Axumite Conquest of the Yemen (525)
Rebellion of Axumite Governor of the Yemen against Axumite rule (543)
Persian invasion of South Arabia (570)
Rebellion of/war with the non-christian Agew; decline of Axum (c.900-1000)
War against Ethiopian-Christian Kgd. of Shewa; the Zagwe dynasty toppled, their kingdom annexed by Shewa (1270)
Expedition against Muslim Yifat (1270)
Consolidation of Solomon Dynasty rule over independent-minded nobility tribes (1314-1344)
Expedition against Yifat (1316)
War with Yifat (1332-1337)
War with Adal (1443-1445)
Conquest of territory on the Red Sea; war with Mitsiwa (1448-1449)
War with Adal; loss of Yifat (1508)
War with Adal; loss of border regions (1527-1528)
War with Adal; since 1541 Abyssinia supported by a Portuguese force (1535-1543)
War with Ottoman Empire (1578-1589)
Civil War (1766-1769)
Civil War (1770-1771)
Conquest of Shewa (1813-1840)
Conquest of Gonder (1846-1847)
War with Egypt 1848
War with Kassa (1852-1853)
Shewa rebellion (1859)
British Expedition into Abyssinia (1867-1868)
Abyssinian War of Succession (1868-1872)
War with Egypt (1875-1879)
Expedition into Arsi (1880-1881)
Expedition into Arsi (1884)
Abyssinian conquest of Harar (1887-1889)
War with Italy (1888-1889)
War of Succession 1889
War with Italy (1895-1896)
Jihad of the “Mad Mullah”, affecting Abyssinia (1899-1905)
Jihad of the “Mad Mullah” (1907-1920)
Clash with Italian forces on the border to Italian Somalia (1934)
Italian conquest of Ethiopia (1935-1936)
WW II : Italian forces occupied British Somaliland 1940
WW II : British forces occupied Italian East Africa 1941
Clash on Somalian border 1960
Ogaden Rebellion 1960-
War of Eritrean Secession (1961-1993)
Tigray Rebellion, which at the end turned into national revolution (1975-1993)
War with Somalia over the Ogaden (1977-1978)
Clash on Somalian border 1982
War with Eritrea 1998
War with Eritrea (1999-2000)


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