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The Somali war of aggression

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The Somali war of aggression against Ethiopia is but the extension and manifestation of the inherent contradictions of imperialism.

First, the British, French, and Italian imperialists balkanized the inhabitants of the Horn of Africa among themselves against the ethnic, linguistic, regional, and religious unity of the latter.

Second, however, the Italian imperialists between 1936 and 1941, and the British imperialists in the 1940’s, made unsuccessful attempts to unite the entire Horn of Africa under their respective colonial rule.

During this time the British imperialists promoted the notion of “Greater Somalia”, another imperialist design to bring under their own control the Horn’s five different Somali speaking regions.

The leaders and governments of the new Somalia state which received its independence in 1960, perfected this British idea of “Greater Somalia” as their national doctrine of irredentism and inscribed it in their national flag, constitution, and school books and maps as their national and standing policy for the armed unification of all Somali-inhabited regions of the Horn.

Under such irredentist and ethnocentric polices of war and expansion, the rulers government of Somalia waged the two successive wars of aggression against Ethiopia in 1964 and 1977, and successively suffered defeat and expulsion.

Even though the Ethiopians have managed to protect and maintain their national independence and unity against the successive waves and incursions of the Portuguese, Turkish, Egyptian, Sudanese, British, French, and Fascist Italy and Somali wars of aggression during the last five centuries, these wars cost many lives and destruction of property and imposed very severe constraints on the possibilities for real and continous development of the welfare of not only of the people of Ethiopia, but the entire peoples of the Horn.

(Source: National Atlas of Ethiopia)


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