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The Ethiopian National Defense’s (ENDF) Equipment

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The modern ENDF has a wide mix of equipment. It does not produce its own weapons, so all arms must be imported.

It has used its position to act as a reseller of arms to other African nations, such as Burundi and Somalia.

Many of its major weapons systems stem from the Communist era and are of Soviet and Eastern bloc design.

The United States was Ethiopia’s major arms supplier from the end of World War 2 until 1977, when Ethiopia began receiving massive arms shipments from the Soviet Union.

These shipments, including armored patrol boats, transport and jet fighter aircraft, helicopters, tanks, trucks, missiles, artillery, and small arms have incurred an unserviced Ethiopian debt to the former Soviet Union estimated at more than $3.5 billion.

Since 1991, there remains a continuing influx of arms from former Eastern bloc countries (Russia, Czech Republic, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Hungary), yet also increasing use of Western equipment (US, Germany, UK, and France), and purchases from Israel and China.

Ground Equipment
• Tanks: 170 T-54/55, 50 T-62, 50 T-72.[21]
• IFV/APCs: 25 BMP-1, 110 M113, 10 BTR-152, 14 BTR-60.
• Reconnaissance vehicles: 250 BRDM-2.
• Artillery: 5 2S1(M1974), 17 M109.

• Helicopters: 8 Mi-6 (Hook), 14 Mi-14 (Haze), 14 Mi-17 (Hip), 15 Mi-24 (Hind), 3 SA 316 Alouette III, 4 SA 330 Puma.
• Fighter aircraft: 21 MiG-21 (Fishbed), 12 Su-27 (Flanker)[21].
• Ground attack Aircraft: 32 MiG-23BN (Flogger)[21], 4 Su-25 (Frogfoot).
• Cargo aircraft:An-2 kukuruznik (Colt), An-12 (Cub), An-26 (Curl), An-32 (Cline), 3 C-130 Hercules.
• Trainer aircraft: 5 SF.260TP, 14 L-39 Albatros.

• Assault Rifles: AK-47, Heckler & Koch G3 .
• Machine Guns: PKM, DSHK .
• Anti-tank missiles: 22 M220 BGM-71 TOW.
• Air-to-air missiles:10 R-73 (AA-11 Archer), R-27 (AA-10 Alamo)

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    This is to the above comment, We hate you back! We will continue to dominate East Africa and eliminate you and your likes who practice hate and cause poverty. Ethiopia is and will be the one of the most important player in African politics.

  • robel

    This is to respond to the comment that was posted on Aug 21,2008

    Appearances are deceiving (not everything is what it seems)
    First of all i don’t really know where you are from but can easily say from (Eretria) but late me make it clear to you the Ethiopian army is one of the largest military forces in Africa along with Egypt and Morocco, 29th largest in the world. The Ethiopian army’s origins and military traditions span back through the nation’s long history. Due to Ethiopia’s location at the crossroads between the Middle East and Africa; which have placed it in the middle of East and Western politics, its army has been tested for many centuries from foreign aggression. From the Egyptian aggression to Ottoman invasion, to the European invasion and concerns from the 21st century global war on terror, the country has tackled several foreign aggressions throughout its history. Ethiopia was able to drive back Egyptian and Ottoman invasions decisively and its modern military history generally dates from its response to the European colonial expansion of the 19th century during the Scramble for Africa; during which it maintained its independence by defeating the army of the Kingdom of Italy in the First Italo–Ethiopian War.
    The modern ENDF(Ethiopian National Defense Force) has a wide mix of equipment including armored patrol vehicles , transport and jet fighter aircraft, helicopters, tanks, trucks, missiles, artillery and a total number of active armed forces personnel was estimated at 252,500 which is equipped with an estimated 300 main battle tanks. The air force, with personnel estimated at 2,500, was equipped with 55 combat aircraft and 30 armored helicopters. And not forgetting 83,000,000 populations who would die for their country without any hesitation what so ever proven fact. Ethiopia has a several defense organizations that produce and overhaul different weapons systems
    The Ethiopian Air Force is equipped with the latest Su-27, Su-27SK fighters along with precision guided munitions that has proven the domination of the air force in the past war that was conducted with the Eritrean so to conclude you might want to rethink about what you are saying since the Ethiopian army is continuously working to be effective and advance in terms of technology and effectiveness..


  • dag

    thx Robel… esdesetehegnal:: respect ethiopia is here to stay

  • hailu molla

    ethiopia is ethiopia forever concerning military power,the only independant (un colonized) state in the history of world.this fact is known not only by africans even great powers of the world.

  • kt

    yeah, u all r rite. we all love our motherland. i think mr. hateethiopia have also z rite 2 do soo. but the reality s ETHIOPIA ll dominate E.Africa.
    in my opinion that much military weapon s too much for Eritrea n even others. inistead we have to reduce our military budget n work on dev’tal activities.



  • Dereje


  • Arkman West

    Read about the amazing history of Ethiopian military intelligence and the Secrets of Ethiopia
    by visiting and clicking on the Ethiopian Secrets tab. Enjoy.

  • Alem

    Wow that is why I’m so proud of being Ethiopian. God Bless Ethiopia & people

  • Anti-hater

    I understand you guys are proud of your country and so should you. Ethiopians have a great history and were even the first ones to accept muslims (even before Mecca). But having a strong military also have responsibility. The military should protect fellow Africans and NOT raping, killing, harassing civilians as they do. This is a fact that has been proven. This is the reason why some people hate Ethiopians, because they have killed their families, burned villages etc. Ethiopian government doesn’t even allow the media to enter certain places. A 99,63 victory for Meles Zenawi is NOT democracy. Sorry even though I love Africans, I can’t support your government. My best friends are Tigreys and Amharics and they share my opinion.

  • Tamiru

    its such an honer to be part of this army

  • Axumawi

    As the only country who never kneel down to colonizers, and a country with its unique culture, writing system, and calendar, Ethiopia is respected not just in Africa but the whole planet. If there is a history of a nation and people which is taught in almost every country, it is the Ethiopian history. I’m grateful for our forefathers for the sacrifices, creativity, love of their country and for the respect and dignity they left us to stand tall where ever we go.
    May GOD Bless the Holy Land and it’s People where ever they are.

  • Mulluken Quihawi

    No matter, who ever says what he want ,we Ethiopians are brave . This braveness is innate/ inborn with any Ethiopian. So regadless of the quality and quantity of weapons we are armed, we are winners by our blood like our fathers. You our enemies should rethink 1000000 times before you come to Ethiopiaaaaaa for war, unless it will be ‘WRONG TURN’ or ‘MISSION IMPOSSIBLE’ for you.

  • Qari Gawassa

    Ethiopia may have a large military but what good does this army provide the millions living in poverty in Ethiopia.

  • biniyam almayhu

    i like national defense of Ethiopia

  • Brrrat

    HI Yall,

    Listen why are you Erit’s always hating. You got your libation right ? So why don’t you guys kind of leave us alone on the boards as well as back home. I mean we let you have Hamasien and Akele Guzay which are, have always been and will be part of Ethiopia again someday. We aren’t doing anything there(we are doing stuff in Afar, sorry but thats the way it is). But those folks won’t stay with Eritrea long. My advice is that you get in on the “peace” action and stop meddling in your neighbors lives. Yemen, Sudan, Ethiopia I mean when do you get enough time to sleep or have babies when so much of your time is taking up plotting and killing.

  • melese leba leave off the office

    Melese zenew you are humble your citizena and the office now!
    Leave the office and peril for Tigrai people tomorrow!
    Leave the office without boodshed to your follower
    it now!

  • kk

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