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About Ethiopian military

Ethiopia’s military is in constant active duty. Latest in Somalia and Eritrea, but also in the long war against foreign aggressors.

The latest 2 governments have come to power by military power. Most of Ethiopia’s borders have a constant conflict. Like:

• The long border to Somalia
• The border to north Kenya
• The border to Sudan
• The long border to Eritrea where there is still no peace agreement.

Ethiopian military has its work cut out to secure stability so Ethiopia can flourish.

This website’s mission is to analyze Ethiopian military’s important work.


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  • cheru

    yea Ethio Millitary expirience is tough since the thio Italiano war and now the strongest millitary in the Eastern Africa .and it is the power house of millitary of the region and it is necessary to be well armed to crush the eritrean shabiya agression and the other enemies along side its borders.

  • tade

    hi selami naw wodaje

  • Solomon

    Hello every one,
    I am 16 years old ethiopian leaving in london.
    Would any one tell me ABOUT US part of this web * i mean who created it and the assumptions behind i have my own assumptions but i would like to learn more .And I would appriciate to understand the objective of ethiopian

  • Tadesse

    I proud of by ethiopian military because i have seen so many progress . Ethiopian military should be power full because ethiopia is surrounded by so many enemies like egypt ,eritrea,sudan etc

  • Will Stroock

    I’ve written a few pieces for Strategy & Tactics Magazine about Ethiopian Military Operations in Somalia.

    I can send you some copies if your interested.

  • gebrehiwot alene

    I need to enrollment ethiopia miltary if here notic.



  • hailu

    i sincerly want tosay fuck u to those who stand & has intention to stand against ethiopia.

  • Ashlee Simpson

    who is the author of these pages?

  • gebretinsae

    hi to dear all military forces of Ethiopia. i believe that the Ethiopian military force is the biggest. and me g ebretinsae assefa
    want the website of military force in order to register in military force.
    thank you!!!
    sins orly yours.

  • yemeya lege

    mengistu h.mariame real ethiopia son.please every bodydont be concerned only on his distraction but also the right thing shoud be u know how much secrifice had to stope the eritrean libration movement and woyane.ha all our patriotes blood know failed b/c no more red sea .but i say “red sea-the ethiopian live line”throught my life!

  • enat-hager(yemeya-lege)

    yaaa..time may run,generation may pass,the wind may blow ..every thing may change,but there is some thing wthich is consistance,yaa promise specialy we have blood promise of our ansisters.ALL ETHIOPIAN UNIVERSITY STUDENTES UNITE!TO CHANGE THE political,social and economic reformation.
    “eritria will unite with our mother -land”

  • sami

    i hope not to start war with egyptians

  • ben

    Im from Australia, is it possible for me to join the Ethiopian Army? I have 4 years prior military service in the Australian Army.

    any help will be greatly appreciated


    Ethiopia will never disappear but she has to learn and accept that Somalia and Eritrea won’t disappear either. No amount of foreign military aid will help Ethiopia gain access to the Indian Ocean/Red Sea nor maintain the current status-quo (having a military presence in the Ogaden and suppress any criticism that is in regard with self-determination).

    Make peace with Eritrea and Somalia and show some respect for the various ethnic groups residing inside Ethiopia and then Ethiopia would never have to rely on large and costly military to protect its interests.

    Let’s not forget the reasons why the current Ethiopian regime came into office…it wasn’t through presidential campaigning. So if the current regime doesn’t want to end up becoming the last previous deposed regime it should accept that Ethiopia needs fresh blood into Ethiopian politics and there are several young Ethiopians who are perfect candidates.

    It’s about time that nations located in the Horn of Africa started to trust one another and begin competing with the other African hubs. We have more to gain through peace than with endless, unnecessary and costly wars. With all the foreign military aid and the size of the Ethiopian army…all that was for nothing when the Ethiopian army rolled into Somalia back in 2006. That war was a waste of money, waste of blood (on both sides) and it didn’t make Ethiopia any safer.

    So you can enjoy having a large army but something much more better to boast about is having peace with your neighbors and having economic ties with Somalia and Eritrea.


  • Ephrem

    I think that you are doing a great service to your country & people ,and thank you verymuch for that.At last please buy or make missiles.

  • Kid Pardo

    HI, can anyone tell me what is the disposition of the ENDF ground forces, where and what size of unit is deployed? I would appreciate it very much if somebody tell me also the air forces bases. I’m presently writing a book about the military profile of African Sub-Sahara military organizations which happened to be part of my thesis. Thanks a lot in advance to the kind contributor.


  • Botan

    Yes for Greet somalia , we have as muslims 45% muslims in ethiopia and we will make ethiopia weak.

  • messay birega

    i am full confidence in ethiopian military

  • Freddy Moncho

    My given name is Freddy Lesego Moncho,but my real name is Haile Selassie I, God in flesh. I never died in 1974, i am in South Africa, where I renewed my body. I will be coming to Ityop’p'ya on the 02 November 2011, to claim my military command, in preparation for the day of judgement on the 15 March 2015.

  • Gebremedhin Hagos

    I love those who are commeted to protect my country etiopia

  • Bone

    Hi, I’m Bone Tarr a Liberian, live in Tappita City Nimba county. I have some Ethiopian who came Liberia as peacekeeper and they are my friends; Really want to get in contact with them. This is my telephone #: +231 0880572160 and my email is also mention in the comment.
    Thank you, God Bless

  • manfred

    Hi, i’m a foreign citizen from another state.
    i have a strange question, for you.
    Do the Ethiopian Armed Forces accept just national citizens or could i join the Army or Air Force, or the Police?
    I don’t want to be a mercenary, anyway.
    I would move to Ethiopia once for all, for various reasons, and i think that if a country accepts me as its guest, i must also give something to payback, is too easy living somewhere and don’t give my contribution to the contry.

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